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Whole Coppa di Parma 1.7 kg ca. View full size

Whole Coppa di Parma 1.7 kg ca.

It is different from the other cold cuts for its sapidity, for the medium consistency, for the softness of the cut and for the low presence of spices used during the curing.

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The meat cuts used in the production of Coppa di Parma are from the muscular part of the neck adjacent to the neck vertebrae. The salt is applied with the dry salting method, putting the meat in a salting cellar on appropriate multi-level trucks. Then the product is stuffed into a natural bovine casing and hand-tied. After a drying period, the product is put aging for a long period (at least 60 days). In this period Coppa di Parma receives its typical fragrance and taste that make it absolutely unique.


It is great to be eaten alone, with home-made bread or with cooked vegetables. It is great accompanied by red and white wines. Ideal for happy hour or as a main course.


Before the cut, you should store a quite aged Coppa in a humid dishcloth for about 12 hours so that it gets softer. Coppa di Parma has to be stored in a cool and dry area and, once sliced, it has to be stored in the fridge within a canvas and the sliced part has to be wrapped with a cotton cloth.